The World of Blockchain Gambling

iDice is the world’s first mobile blockchain gambling app powered by Ethereum. This is touted as the next biggest innovation in the gambling industry since the first blockchain Dice game, Satoshidice. SatoshiDICE gambling made up almost all bitcoin transactions ever made in before 2013. SatoshiDICE was sold in 2013 for a 126,315 BTC, or US$12.4 million at the time of the announcement.

World Economic Forum report released in August discusses the transMobile is looked at as the biggest gambling market segment of all time. Jordan Wong, the Founder and CEO of iDice, believes that mobile development is the future of gambling: “The glory days of Las Vegas are long gone. Gambling in future generations will be done primarily through mobile devices. We’re developing the platform that the next generation of gamblers will play on. People spend more time on their phones than anything else today, and it’s a huge market with no competitors right now. We’re here to be the first and dominate this huge segment.”

iDice’s decentralized gambling game is the fastest growing blockchain gambling game in the world. iDice’s revolutionary, 3rd party audited, open source platform will ensure transparency and safety for gamblers across the world and eliminate gambling scams. iDice game source codes are viewable by the public online which rules out any chance of cheating. The players are not required to make any accounts or deposit their funds to iDice.

So far, iDice can be assumed to be transparent and provably fair.