Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365: Match made to counter Salesforce?

Microsoft launched its enterprise-ready version of LinkedIn’s product for sales professionals, Sales Navigator; and is now working on integrating Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365. The Sales Navigator tool integrates well with Salesforce’s CRM system.

With the new product, and more so in combination with Dynamics 365, Microsoft has stepped up competition with arch rival Salesforce. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff even accused the company of “anti-competitive behavior” when Microsoft purchased LinkedIn.

With new integration that brings Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator together, Microsoft is trying hard to become the daily system of engagement for all sales professionals. On July 1st, Microsoft and LinkedIn sales teams began selling the Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution (offer that combines Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Sales and LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Enterprise Edition) starting at $135 per seat per month before volume discounts

Subscriptions will also include access to a tool called PointDrive, created by a company acquired by LinkedIn, for easily sharing content like presentations, images, links and videos with prospective customers. Pricing starts at $1,600 per seat per year, with the price dropping with more subscriptions and longer contracts.

Few of Sales Navigator’s customers include SAP, Ernst & Young, The Sacramento Kings, Symantec and PayPal.