PayMaya transforming the Philippine society

The Philippine society is marching towards being a cashless society at an accelerated pace.

The local retail players, shopping malls, convenience stores, franchisee stalls, canteens and many more formats are now adopting digital payment technologies powered by PayMaya – be it their virtual card, physical card, and via PayMaya QR. With PayMaya QR. Customers of PayMaya Preferred Partner establishments can now just simply open their PayMaya, scan a QR code, and pay for their purchase.

“The transition is happening not tomorrow, but today. The Philippines is going cashless primarily because the early adopters of digital payments are the country’s retail giants who have large bases of loyal customers. Their move certainly has profound ripple effects for the whole industry, and we are glad that PayMaya’s homegrown, customer-centric technologies are powering their transformation,” said Manuel V. Pangilinan, Chairman of PayMaya Philippines and Voyager Innovations.

Today, PayMaya QR is accepted in The SM Store and Mall Information Booths nationwide, amongst many other stores. McDonald’s, Rose Pharmacy, and Army Navy will soon start accepting card payments and PayMaya QR via PayMaya Business.

The society is undergoing a major shift that is giving consumers both the power of choice and also convenience.