Pay With Google Assistant

Google has now enabled peer-to-peer payments with Google Assistant. Using Google Pay, iPhone and Android users can transfer money. The facility is available only in USA currently. The recipient will also need to set up Google Pay to receive the funds.

Beginning of the year, Google ended the Google Wallet / Android Pay confusion by merging them into the Google Pay system. If you have used the $ button in Gmail to send money, you likely already have a Google Pay account set up. The same can be used for Google Pay inside Google Assistant.

If you don’t have a Google Pay account, you’ll be prompted to set one up the first time you ask to send money. Transactions with Assistant need to be authenticated to send money using fingerprints or Google password.

Google says that soon payments via the Google Home smart speaker will be available.

Apple has had the feature of peer-to-peer payment system for quite some time and the transfer can be done using Apple Pay, Venmo, or Square Cash. However, as of today, Google Assistant can only use Google Pay.