Nonprofit ECHO Receives Donations to Facilitate Solar Savings

ECHO is a non-profit organization based in Janesville, WI. The nonprofit serves area residents with a large food pantry, assistance for those experiencing homelessness, and other services like emergency rent assistance, transportation, basic needs, and seasonal needs such as Thanksgiving baskets and school supplies. Their mission is to meet housing, food, and other basic human needs and address the barriers to self-sufficiency.

The organization’s 17,000-square-foot building, three walk-in freezers, and seven industrial-sized refrigerators add up to a hefty energy bill each month. The nonprofit has received a very generous donation from a local sustainably minded donor who is footing the bill for a big portion of the installation of a solar system for ECHO’s building. They expect to save 72 percent of their utility costs once the switch to solar is finalized. That is money that will go back into services for their clients. ECHO’s Executive Director, Jessica Locher says the money they will save every month will allow ECHO to provide an extra 3,000 meals in the community.

The donor is a customer of Sun Badger Solar – a solar developer servicing residential and commercial solar in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Florida – who has experienced the difference that solar panels can make and wanted to help a non-profit go solar too. Sun Badger has also committed to donating 10 percent of the cost of the solar array. ECHO is also benefitting from a ‘Solar for Good’ grant that awards grant funding or solar panels to help a non-profit go solar and switch to more renewable energy.