Microsoft and Sustainability

Microsoft has come up a platform called ‘Smart Energy Azure Demonstration’ to help make earth pollution free. Companies can use this platform to track their energy emissions on a nearly real-time basis.

The blog post on Microsoft website states, Smart Energy Azure Demonstration platform available to anyone with an Azure subscription. The solution builds on the tremendously innovative work done by WattTime. Their API provides data on generation mix down to the megawatts generated from each fuel source; average carbon emissions; and marginal carbon emissions, which is the part of the carbon footprint that you can actually affect by using or conserving energy at a particular place and time. And because the grid’s energy mix changes based on the weather, the platform also pulls in global weather data and forecasts from the Wunderground API.”

The data can be visualized over time and on the basis of the conclusions extracted automation can be set up in place.

The company plans to test its Smart Energy Azure Demonstration platform in enterprise-level applications, like universities. They have teamed up with Princeton University on a “Marginal Carbon Emissions Project” to see how the platform performs in a larger, multi-building campus setting and to co-develop new projects (such as the one that would allow the university to measure the CO2 emissions due to grid usage vis-à-vis tapping Princeton’s onsite power generation).