Miami HEAT App for all kind of HEAT fans

Living rooms are now providing a highly connected, HDTV experience. With the advent of new and better technology, the sports fans stay at home to watch games. Sports franchises and venues have to deal with this big challenge. It is becoming increasingly difficult to draw fans to the stadiums.

The Miami Heat Mobile App is focusing on is creating valuable experiences that cannot be replicated at home and create a unique and personalized fan experience in the arena that keeps the fans coming back for.

Along with standard conveniences, such as mobile wallet or mobile ticketing, the app helps get merchandise or food and beverage from the vendors and also unique, data-driven and customized offers. The game flow feature is another one that allows the fan to watch the game on their mobile device, and if needed, rewind or fast forward during the game right from their seat. It basically allows the fan to experience the convenience of things that they can get at home on the television set, coupled with the excitement of watching the game live in the arena.

Fans are interested in enjoying the conveniences that overcome the obstacles of going to the venue, waiting in line or having to wait for food. MIAMI HEAT is in the process of discovering what fans are interested in, making it even more compelling and providing an experience that you cannot replicate at home.