L’Oréal adopts New Retail in Collaboration with Alibaba

Cosmetics Company L’Oréal has emerged as an early adopter of’ New Retail’ in China. New Retail is a concept from Alibaba for the business model that integrates E-Commerce, Stores and Logistics by seamlessly weaving online and offline shopping into one experience.

The cosmetic company introduced several “New Retail” concepts in collaboration with Alibaba’s to engage with its customers. Alibaba newsroom, Alizila, reported that L’Oréal used video, robotics and gamification business models across mainland China in six pop-up “Smart Stores” in urban locations.

In early October, Paris’s Champ-Élysées was brought to Tmall users. This 360-degree augmented reality-mediated fashion show gave the Tmall users the opportunity to “participate” in a fashion show that featured international celebrities such as Jane Fonda, Helen Mirren and Chris Lee.

L’Oréal also introduced new forms of augmented reality into their “Magic Mirrors”. Alibaba provided the company interactive devices that were installed in stores in Shanghai, Wuhan and Changsha, as well as several other pop-ups. The new tech lets visitors “try on” makeup by selecting colors from the on-screen menu. This technology was also made available through L’Oréal’s Tmall flagship store online. L’Oreal also unveiled its own vending machines at several pop-up stores for customers who know exactly what they want.

In addition, L’Oréal Tmall customers can get push alerts from the app for information about the nearest counter, as well as options to meet with a make-up artist for one-on-one beauty sessions. Alibaba also launched a location based game, that allowed players a chance to win promotion prizes and coupons for the L’Oréal online flagship store.