Ironman – A reality

Richard Browning grew up making model airplanes with his aeronautical engineer father. He is a former Royal Marines reservist and oil trader before focusing full time on taking flight. Browning began his tests in 2016 and around November the same year, Browning did his first flight for around six seconds with an engine on each leg, two on each arm.

In an interview with Guinness World records, he said, ‘The journey started around March 2016. Over the summer up until September/October time, we made constant progress. It was evenings and weekends and repurposing existing technology and learning from failure, then we did that first flight where we had an engine on each leg, two on each arm, and from there it was refining the system. Really it was a very short period of time to go from the idea to flying. It’s been very quick.’

The trials conducted have proved that the jet suit works over a large body of water and that the pilot can land and take-off easily from boats or ships even with the limited space on the upper deck of a P2000 patrol vessel. The company is planning to launch a series of suits for teams to use fly around competitive racecourses. In addition to it, the company is planning to use this technology in military and search and rescue exercises.

The company plans to commercialize the suits and is offering it for sale at a London department store.