iOS11 and Apple Pay Cash

We know Apple is working on iOS 11 for the iPhone and iPad. And also that this new version of the company’s mobile operating system is going to add peer-to-peer payments. Named Apple Pay Cash, this platform is the company’s upcoming peer-to-peer payment system that will allow iOS users to send and receive payments to family and friends.

This feature will be integrated directly into the Messages app. Siri will be able to recognize when an iMessage conversation is talking about sending or receiving money. Once money is received, you’ll be able to spend this balance using Apple Pay or withdraw it.

Though many companies (such as Venmo, Square Cash, Facebook’s Messenger, WeChat Pay and Alibaba’s Alipay) are working on peer-to-peer payments, integrating Apple Pay’s payment system directly into phone could help the payment feature. Furthermore, Apple Pay’s tight integration with the rest of the company’s software ecosystem could make it the most seamless solution for Apple users. It doesn’t require additional accounts to be set up.

You can pay someone via iMessage or Siri, on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. You do need to make sure the other person has an active iMessage account, though. When a payment is received, it’s immediately converted to an Apple Pay Cash Card. From there, money can be transferred to a bank, but it always goes to the Cash Card first.

While a release date isn’t set, it’s likely to debut with or shortly after iOS 11 in the fall.