ING’s Yolt gets New Features

Yolt, the UK money management app developed in-house by ING’s Innovation Office in Amsterdam, has added a host of new features.

The free Android and iOS app launched in open beta in June lets users manage their money matters with different banks for different financial services in one place. The users can view their bank accounts and credit cards in one place, have a real view of how much money they have, how many days are left till pay day, predicts their bank balance based on their direct debits, points out any significant changes in their spending patterns, what shops they’re spending it in, and helping them to set budgets.

The partnership with money transfer comparison platform Moneytis enables users to compare ways to transfer money worldwide and look for these deals directly in the Yolt app. The app has improved and added to its spending categories, adding options such as coffee, lunch, charity and expenses. Users can also hashtag a transaction with anything they wish and add spending notes to individual transactions. Android users have additional convenience of logging in with their fingerprint.

Frank Jan Risseeuw, CEO, Yolt, says: “Enabling people to save time and enjoy life more is at the heart of what Yolt is all about – and these updates do just that, challenging the status quo of money management and taking away the pain of managing finances.”