Finally, an App that calculates Body’s Hydration Level

A UK based healthcare company, Clinova, has developed a mobile app which accurately calculates hydration levels of a body. The app helps calculate the proper amount of ORS hydration tablets the body requires and also determines your hydration levels.

The app helps calculate the correct amount of Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) hydration tablets required to be consumed with water to stay hydrated. The app calculates the exact amount of ORS required for a body based on a person’s activity, duration, intensity, weight, outside temperature and many other variables. It features a GPS which allows the outside temperature to be factored into the final results.

“Whatever the weather and the intensity of the exercise, hydration is a critical factor for performance. Before a competition or a strenuous activity, it is important not to drink too much or too little,” said Arsalan Karim, Director, Research and Development, Clinova Ltd.

During and after exercise or a physical activity, it is essential to compensate for the water and salts lost through perspiration by consuming ORS hydration tablets, Karim said.

The application lets its users to choose form 39 exercises and activities.

The app is based on findings from several studies and was developed with the feedback from famous sporting personalities and professional sporting clubs. Hoping the app helps athletes and non-professionals improve their performance during competitions and strenuous activities.