Bossa Nova gets new round of Funding

The California based company, Bossa Nova Robotics, is now raising funding to scale its business. The robots made by the companies are in use by retailers to analyze what’s selling on the shelves. The robots drive autonomously through store aisles figuring out what has sold and then sends back data.

The total funding collected by the participating firms Paxion, Intel Capital, Cota Capital and others has reached $41.7 million. Michael Marks, partner at Paxion, said he invested because Bossa Nova’s robots and data provide valuable, real-time insights that help retailers fully understand what is happening on store shelves and how to improve the in-store customer experience.

Robots have been used in warehouses for some time now. Bossa Nova’s robots hang out in stores. This is being done to automate processes on the shop floor. The robots can sense obstacles and move around them. This will also take the monotonous work of scanning shelves off employees’ shoulders.

Walmart has already decided to use the robots at 50 of its stores. The machines will evaluate which items are in stock, and also help locate misplaced items.

Bossa Nova plans to use the funding to hire people, with a focus on autonomy software and artificial intelligence.