Amazon and the new Echo Show

Amazon is the first to recognize the limitations of voice-only smart devices. It recently added a screen to its Echo smart speaker that will allow its users to discover content more easily.

The  new Echo Show , priced at $229.99, features a 7 inch touch screen above the speaker panel. The voice assistant, which is due for release on June 28, will now also display the results of the question asked in addition to responding ‘verbally’. While talking to a machine is three times faster than any other means of communication with a device, the machine responds the fastest by displaying the result.

Amazon already has a first mover advantage with not just its voice assistant but also, in offering functions that have previously been impossible. Users will be able to watch videos and also monitor video feeds from, say, door cameras. Amazon is  also adding calling to its Echo range that will allow its users to make video calls and the users of older Echo speakers will be able to make voice calls (by use of proprietary software). With this feature, Amazon hopes, Echo will become a vital part of all smart homes.

While Google launched its own Home smart speaker late last year, Microsoft’s first take on the technology was launched a few days back. Apple is also assumed to be working on a similar device.

An analysis of the AI speaker sector  published recently by Bloomberg shows that Amazon dominates with 71 percent market share (Google is at 24%). Where some firms are now entering the race, Amazon is already working on enhancements and innovations