Adobe’s marketing tools will soon use AI to predict the best times to send emails

Adobe is working on new technology they are connecting adobe marketing tool (Sensei)to AI, the company’s catch-all name for all of its machine learning tools, will soon be put to use to predict the best times to send you a marketing email. Adobe Sensei helps you to work better, smarter and faster.

The thought here is that marketers only have to give Adobe Campaign, the company’s email marketing tool, a start and end date for their campaign and Sensei will then figure out what’s the best time for that email to land in the recipient’s inbox. It’s no secret that many of these emails simply get lost or ignored, so the tool will optimize for open rates.

Adobe Research has been also working on another tool, this tool will automatically segments email recipients based on their individual engagement with these messages. The company argues that this should help marketers determine the right frequency of communication.

While both of these tools are still research projects, the company also launched a couple of new features that are now available to users. These include a new email message designer with a drag and drop interface, new dynamic reporting capabilities in Adobe Campaign, support for multilingual push notifications and a speed boost for Campaign that now allows marketers to send even more messages in less time.